Main Claim/Intro:

Same-sex marriage should be legal in all Western societies.


1) People who favour same-sex marriage is higher than those who oppose. One in seven people have changed their minds/ shifted attitudes from opposing to favouring same-sex marriage. A growing percentage says same-sex marriage should be legal in all Western society’s. Involving religion.

2) Same-sex couples around the world are traveling so they are able to legally get married.

3) Divorce rates are lower in same-sex couples compared to heterosexual couples.


-People believe same-sex couples can’t raise children and that it affects them growing up.


– Basic human rights.


2 thoughts on “Plan

  1. Hi there,
    I agree that same-sex marriage should be legalized as it’s the individuals right and freedom of choice to do what they want. And personally, I don’t find anything wrong with it since all it does it promote happiness and love between the couple… well unless you have strong religious beliefs then that can affect a lot. Even though I do have a religious background it doesn’t prevent me from believing in human rights and an individuals happiness.
    I like your 3rd sub-claim as it can provide a lot of statistical evidence for the reader, thus proving your point even more and it also emphasizes why it should be legal too.
    Nevertheless, I look forward to your argument. 🙂


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